Monday, October 3, 2011

agent info

Someone asked me recently if I had any info on how to find an agent. So, here you go:

Research agents and editors. You need to know who you're querying.

It's best to have a personal connection to the agent or editor, e.g. an author friend recommends you or you meet the agent or editor at a conference or book-signing.

If you don't have a personal connection, don't worry! There are many online resources, including:

Free searchable Agent database.:

Free searchable agent/editor database:

Free List of Association of Author's Representatives:

Free Absolute Write discussion forum:

not-free Publishers Marketplace where you can track deals, sales, agents, editors:

Always double-check agent's or editor's webpage to make sure what they want in a query now.

And the baddies are announced here:
Preditors and Editors

Some successful query letters with agent responses can be found here:
Chuck Sambuchnio's Guide to Literary Agents Blog at Writer's Digest.

Good luck!