Monday, August 22, 2011


Have you ever met any writers that seemed pretentious to you? I must admit I think I have. These are the writers that name-drop the literary authors they always read or write like. These are the writers that automatically pooh-pooh genre writers or writers without MFAs or non-poetry writers (is that a thing?)or whatever. This bothers me. I was trying to decipher why and I think it's the insincerity. I'm totally fine with people loving James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake, for example, as long as they're being sincere and not just trying to impress people.

Of course, judging other people is a whole 'nother issue. Clearly I have some of my own character flaws to deal with. :)

Have you come across pretentious writers? How do you deal with them? (Or your reaction to them?)


  1. I've come across a few. They're snotty and make you feel small. Usually, I just smile at them and pretend to know what they're talking about b/c I'm no literary genius. I'm a genre reader and writer.

  2. I hear you, shelly. I and nod. :)
    Thanks for visiting (and commenting!).