Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Ninc Binder

A new free resource has been released by Novelists, Inc:
The Ninc Binder:A Comprehensive Guide to the New World of Publishing.
This has a ton of info about, well, the new world of publishing. I include a crude outline in case you want more info before downloading it. I looks great to me. :)
  • Section One: Keeping Up With the Newfangled Publishing World: Terms and Tools You Need To Know
    • When Techies Say That,They Mean This: E-Publishing Terminology, Acronyms,Social Networking Terms
    • Tools Overview: Tools for E-book Production, Author Platform Tools,Web and Social Media Analysis Tools
    • New Opportunities Require a Change in Thinking

  • Section Two: How To Expose Yourself Without Getting Pneumonia: Marketing and
    Promotion Using Social Media
    • Not a Marketing Plan, What You Need Is a Connecting Plan
    • Are Blog Guest Posts Worth Your Time?
    • Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn: Essential Social Media Tools to Build Your Audience
    • YouTube Videos
    • Google+: Not Another Way to Waste Time on the Web!
    • Crowdsourcing: In the Crowd, or Leading It?
    • Podcasting
    • Building a Massive E-Mail Database

  • Section Three: The Nuts and Bolts of Publishing Out-of-Print, New, or Bonus Material Without a Publisher
    • What You Need to Know Before You Get Started
    • The Seven Secrets to E-Book Publishing Success
    • What You Need To Do To Get Your Book Ready (Hint: Editing and Cover Art)
    • Working With a Freelance Editor
    • What Your Cover Designer Should be Asking You
    • Step by Step Upload Directions for:
      • Amazon Kindle
      • Barnes and Noble Publit
      • Smashwords

    • How to Keep Track of Sales and Taxes

  • Section Four: If You Put it on the Web, The Readers Will Come… (If You Holler Real Loud and Jump Up and Down… and Set Your Hair on Fire): Other Promotion and Marketing Options
    • I Need Promo Help!
    • Author Co-op and Promotional Groups
    • Mo Boylan of MMB Author Services: The Best Promotion Tools to Reach Readers and Reviewers
    • Publicity and Promotion: A Publicist’s Take
    • Short and Sweet: How to Use Short Content to Build Your Career

  • Section Five: Contract Watch: What You Need to Know Before You Sign
    • Kindle: Not Necessarily Worldwide
    • Deal Breakers
    • Final Drafts: Selecting a Literary Executor

  • Section Six: I Want the Money… but I Just Want to Write!
    • The Art of Running Your Business
    • Meet Author’s Assistant Melissa Hermann
    • Looking Good, Selling More: Experience eBooking from the Inside-Out



  1. I'm going to have to get this. Thank you for sharing this info.

  2. Thanks for visiting, shelly! :)