Thursday, February 2, 2012


By now, we're well into 2012. How's it feel? How's it going? I deliberately did not write about New Years Writing Resolutions because, frankly, I don't really believe in them. Not because resolutions are bad, per se, but because I need New Day Resolutions, New Week Resolutions, and/or New Month Resolutions. :)

I think it's important to periodically (more than once a year!) stop and assess how one's writing is going. I also think small resolutions or goals work better, for me, at least. (Big goals seem too scary?) Generally I have weekly writing goals such as writing a first draft of a new chapter, revising old chapters based on critique group comments and similar.

It strikes me as I write this that it's also important to periodically stop and assess one's writing behavior. Last year I blogged about a revision watch list. The idea here is we repeat some of the same not-necessarily-good things in our writing and we need to watch out for them. But I also repeat some of the same not-necessarily-good things in my writing behavior. Apparently, I need a writing behavior watch list! My most non-production writing behaviors are procrastination (not writing) and then feeling guily about it. Hhm... I need to quit these behaviors. They are negatively impacting my writing.
I resolve to stop doing these. At least this week. :)

How about you? Do you do New Years Writing Resolutions? If so, how do you stick to them?

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