Friday, January 14, 2011

Bad Sex and Award-Winning Fantasy

You ask, 'What do bad sex and award-winning fantasy have to do with one another?' Nothing. Except we'll talk about both here today. As Jonathan Maberry said last time, we are a community of writers...

Fabulous Urban Fantasy authors Mario Acevedo and Jeanne Stein are sponsoring a Bad Sex contest over at their blog And, no, you do not have to demonstrate bad sex, they're looking for bad sex in literature--or maybe it's not exactly literature if it contains bad sex. :)

Jeanne says, "Who would you nominate for a bad sex in books award (notice I added 'in books.' Don’t want any disgruntled husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, etc etc coming after us.) Send in an example (we won’t name the book or author) and the winner (chosen by Mario and I) will win a prize...a prize sure to be appropriate to the topic." Knowing Jeanne and Mario, I don't know if we should be excited or scared.
Click it out.

Fabulous Fantasy author Carol Berg has a new book out The Soul Mirror, a novel of the Collegia Magica. The follow-on-to The Spirit Lens, from New American Library/Roc Books.Carol says Scholarly, reclusive Anne de Vernase rejoices that she lacks magical talent. Her father's pursuit of illicit sorcery hasleft her beloved family in ruins. But a plague of hauntings and murder compel Anne to unravel her dead sister's magical puzzle. With none to trust but a friend she cannot see, Anne must investigate matters beyond science -a centuries-old rivalry, the boundaries of death, and the most dangerous sorcerer in Sabria . . .

It has received starred reviews from both Publisher's Weekly: "Berg refreshes and reinvigorates the familiar trappings of epic fantasy, shaping a novel that rings true both linguistically and imaginatively. This is one to savor." And Kirkus: "A compelling and altogether admirable work." For more info, click out her website:

I've read the first book in this series and it is lovely.

So there you have it, bad sex and award-winning fantasy. Who knew they went together so well?

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