Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Month's Resolutions

Doh! This week we missed our Monday blog post for the first time ever. Oops. Lots was going on: traveling, a big holiday, finishing up assignments for school (W00t!), job stuff--basically a lot of distractions. Suffice to say, some of us didn't get our new pages done last week. So, we could moan and groan and feel guilty that distractions got in our way. But, after many years of writing seriously I realize guilt is not productive.

Instead, let's move on! Today is a new day! The rest of this week is available for writing new pages and tackling new challenges, as is the rest of this year. In fact, forget New Year's Resolutions, I'm making some New Month's Resolutions.
This December I will:

  • write a few new pages every day
  • make a plan consisting of:
  • one small achievable goal every day (like write the first draft of half a new story)
  • put said goal on my calendar and check it off when done
  • not feel guilty if I don't reach my goal(s)

Obviously, your New Month's Resolutions will differ. :)

Good luck with them!