Wednesday, November 2, 2011

writing by hand

Some writer friends and I were discussing e-books and e-book readers recently and it turned out a couple of them didn't have a e-book reader. Shock! Amazement!
So, you can imagine when one author said, 'Yeah, and I write my books by hand.' More shock! More amazement! :) He had several reasons why including, writing by hand worked at about the same speed as his imagination, and paper notebooks are more portable. He made some good points!

I only hit the paper when I have writer's block and/or just can't stare at the computer any more. Apparently, I also hit the paper when the power is out for many hours--as I discovered last week. But, honestly, a change of pace/scene does help when the writing is coming very slowly.

How about you? Do you ever write by hand?

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