Monday, December 19, 2011

character's voice

Voice is probably the most crucial thing for a writer to develop, and at the same time achieving it can seem very vague and amorphous. I blogged about this before V is for Voice, but I called it the writer's voice. I gave some intresting examples. I'd say Janet Evanovich has the strongest writer's voice of the authors I read. You can tell immediately when you read one of her stories. ;)


Over at Sisters of the Quill, they wrote recently about The Power of an Outrageous Voice and they made a very good point. The voice belongs to the character. Every character should have their own voice. An author who does this well is Charlaine Harris; all her series have totally different voices. You wouldn't mix up Sookie Stackhouse with Aurora Teagarden or with Lily Bard!

I'm off to work on my character's voice...

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  1. Smiles to you! Another excellent writer with great character voices is Indie Author, Karla Telega. She wrote Box of Rocks. And for some strange reason, I can still hear her character's voices in my head.