Wednesday, December 7, 2011

pricing e-books

Many of you have been debating the pros and cons of e-publishing your books yourself. Author Elle Lothlorien has a fascinating guest post over at Joe Konrath's blog: "Why Your Novel is a Tall, 6-Pump Vanilla, Breve Latte Grande, Extra Hot, Heavy Whipping Cream, Extra Dry Cappuccino (Or It Should Be)". Her research showed when she priced her novel The Frog Prince at $5.99 she sold more copies than when she priced it at $2.99! Wowsa. Apparently customers expected a better book at that price and so perceived it was a better book, or something like that. :)

Joe Konrath chimes in at the end and says he's researched pricing and $3.99 to $4.99 seem to be generally reasonable prices. He recommends trying pricing your ebooks higher and seeing what happens. :)

I'm tempted to do the experiment myself. How about you?

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