Wednesday, September 21, 2011

fear and growth

A couple writer friends of mine have been instructed to utilize a certain new technology. They don't want to. As their complaints have grown more strident and unpleasant, I suspect their reluctance stems from fear. Personally, I was very uncomfortable when I had to try this particular tech. I often get that same uncomfortable feeling when I have to stare down a blank page or screen. Comfort is a key word here. At conference someone said something that resonated with me: you need to move out of your comfort zone to improve as a writer.
This adage really applies everywhere. It's only by being in our "uncomfortable zone", by facing our fears, that we grow as human beings. In fact, if something makes us uncomfortable or afraid, that's probably a sign we should pursue it. Fear should never stop us--with the obvious caveat of physical confrontations with wild animals, or similar!

What do you think? Have you faced down any fears lately?

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