Wednesday, September 7, 2011

who's your demo?

I just discovered an awesome writer who seems to know a lot about social media: Kristen Lamb. Check out her blog. Recently, she discussed "the typical non-reader." She said, There is a misconception that non-readers don't read. They DO read, they just happen to be highly selective. Wow!

A couple weeks ago she said, what is our REAL demographic? Anyone in need of informing or entertaining. THAT demographic is MASSIVE and when we writers mobilize THAT sector of society—the fat part of the bell curve—this is when literary history is made.

The DaVinci Code, the Harry Potter Series, Twilight, Tuesdays with Morrie, Water for Elephants, The Help all ignited a passion for stories in people who normally would not have defined themselves as avid readers.
Wow again! This lady is smart!

Personally, I'm going to have rethink this whole demographic thing. How do we reach anyone/everyone in need of entertaining? What do you think?

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