Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I went to a writers conference this past weekend. This week it's been interesting to hear and see the 'post-game' analysis and reactions of my writer friends. After the initial euphoria and exhaustion wears off, a common reaction seems to be frenzy? consternation? Something along those lines. They seem to think: I have to do a bunch of things differently, and I have to fix a bunch of things, and I have to do it all RIGHT NOW. (And I admit, I'm not immune to such thoughts.)

I've been reading Booklife: Strategies and Survival Tips for the 21st Century Writer by Jeff VanderMeer and he has a section in the middle called "Gut-Check" in which he recommends writers eat, sleep, don't do drugs, take time to relax and exercise, etc. These are basically all common sense things. The fact that VanderMeer has to tell writers to do this, makes me think writers are in danger of losing perspective! Or maybe even our minds. :)

So, writers, certainly, try to improve your craft, but also live your lives. Try to capture the joy of creating new characters, stories, worlds. Remember why you got into writing in the first place. Keep your perspective!

I'll try. How about you?

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